Ridiculous Ways Trayvon “Supporters” Cashed In On His Death

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As the course of the Trayvon Martin trail was underway many people gathered together to show their support for the deceased young man.  Although many were there to speak out about George Zimmerman a few were looking to cash in on the movement.

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We all know that during the times of protest, several members of the crowds were seen with a variation of signs.  Many however managed to have the same sign on account of retailers selling them at the site of the demonstration. Custom made in bulk and ready to go to whomever was willing to pay.


Then, after the signs were a hit, a whole other slew of merchandise were seen being sold at these gatherings.


From t-shirts and hoodies:

trayvon2 trayvon23

To buttons and keychains:



Now that the controversy has died down a bit however, there are still those looking to cash in on the death of Trayvon through any means necessary.  Want to hang a picture to remind you of Trayvon everyday?  Good  because they have posters and framed pictures:



Not artistic enough? How about a painting:



How about jewelry to show your support?




Not enough Trayvon yet? How about seeing his face first thing every morning?


Now that you’re almost ready for the day, just slap on your socks:


and hat:


grab your bag:


and don’t forget your phone on the way out the door:




Hop in your car that has also been branded with your support with a bumper sticker:


And you’re on your way!  Forgetting anything else?  Maybe they don’t sell exactly what you need, but fear not! They have an assortment of Trayvon Martin stickers you can slap on anything that wasn’t made just the way you want it!



And for those extreme Trayvon supporters, although its not a form of merchandise, you can still purchase one thing to show your unwavering support.  Your very own custom tattoo!


Now that you have all things Trayvon, you can rest assured that everyone around you knows just how you feel.


The worst of those willing to cash in on the death of Trayvon however was actually his very own mother.  Looking to trademark his name in order to be the sole person allowed profit from his name in the future is just one of the despicable things showing the woman’s true colors.  Along with this, both Martin’s parents have also signed a book deal that will surely earn them a few extra bucks and pad their wallets further as well.

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