Beauty Contest Photo Rejected Over Handgun

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As guns are continually demonized by the media, it appears that Bob Ferris got a taste of just that after submitting a photo of his wife holding a handgun to a beauty contest.  It appears in an effort to exert their First Amendment freedoms; the magazine had no problem oppressing others’ Second Amendment rights.

Bob Ferris explains that after coming home from church one day, he found his wife particularly captivating.  Grabbing his camera, as well as a few guns, the two went out and snapped a few pics of the woman.

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Just a few short months later, the couple had seen that People magazine was offering a beauty contest called, “Real Beauty at Every Age.”  Those wishing to participate were open to do so and all that was required was the submission of a photo.

As Ferris thought back to his recent photo-shoot with his wife, he decided to skim through the photos and pick the best one.  Upon further investigation, Ferris explains that he specifically liked one best – one where his wife was holding a .45 pistol.


After submitting the photo however, you can imagine the Ferris’s surprise when they received an email back from People magazine saying their submission was denied.  Why? Well according to the magazine, it was for one of three reasons; “size, focus or inappropriate content.”

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Checking to see if his suspicions were right, Ferris decided to submit another photo of his wife, this time in different clothing while holding a different gun.  The results were the same.


Now undeterred in his efforts to see if the photos of his wife were being rejected because she was holding a gun, he then submitted one last picture where Mrs. Ferris was holding no firearms.  Not-so-surprisingly, the photo was accepted into the contest.

Speaking with CNN, Ferris relayed, “I don’t think there is anything more beautiful than a woman holding a handgun.”  Apparently this sentiment isn’t the same one held by the magazine.


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In the terms and conditions of the contest, People made it perfectly clear, as noted by CNN, that, “the judges can reject any photo for any reason at any time.”  It seems that in an effort to exercise their First Amendment right, they may have just hypocritically violated other freedoms of fellow Americans.

As described by Inforwars, “the Second Amendment is now considered ‘inappropriate content’ by the popular magazine.” Let us know how this makes you feel by leaving a comment below.

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