Lisa Robertson From ‘Duck Dynasty’ Makes Shocking Revelation

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Life for Lisa Robertson hasn’t always been full of happiness and love, in fact in a new book that her and her sister-in-laws released she reveals a very troubled past that haunted her for some time.

Now happily married to Alan Robertson, the eldest of the Roberson siblings, she opened up about being molested as a young girl by a member of her family and apparently went on for quite some time.

She said the abuse lasted from the time she was seven right up until she was 14, and it left her emotions so badly scarred that she cheated on her husband in a 14-month affair back in the mid-1990’s.

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RadarOnline was able to get an excerpt from the book, “The Women of Duck Dynasty,” where she spoke of the abuse and how it made her feel.

“My earliest memory of being molested was at the age of seven when [an extended family member] started to do things to me, things that made me feel bad and dirty.

“[He] had major drug and alcohol problems…I was easy prey for him.

“I don’t remember how he threatened me (every abuser threatens) if I ever told anyone about it, but whatever he said worked. … I never told [my mom] or my dad about the abuse.”


The abuse continued until she was 14 years old, when she claims that she “had had enough … [and] told him that if he ever touched me again I would tell my dad and my dad would kill him.”

She spoke of how the abuse affected her, saying it was “mentally damaging.” She said “Being abused did something to the way I thought about myself and about men in general. It set into motion some unhealthy thought processes … I unconsciously began to believe my purpose in life was to please men.”

They’re now happily married with children, but the affair, which lasted 14 months and she fully admits to, took its toll at the time and caused Alan to kick her out of their home. He also had her admit to straying away from their family in front of their congregation and to their young children.

“The affair lasted fourteen months. Alan was devastated and eventually, so was I.”


They reunited after a two-month period where Lisa sought counseling for her troubles. The couple then decided to turn over a new leaf and start fresh, leaving the past behind them

“We renewed our vows to each other and bought new rings to signify a new beginning,” and they would continue with marriage counseling for some time after.

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