GRAPHIC: FSA Terrorists Mercilessly Kill Innocent Men (21+)

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A shocking new video has emerged showing just what kind of men the likes of Obama and McCain sought to aide in battle.  Depicting their violent murders, two innocent men are placed on chopping blocks and decapitated.

It’s safe to say that the best way to torture someone is to let them know they’re going to die and let them suffer in anticipation.  Showing just how merciless and cruel the religion of peace is, Free Syrian Army (FSA) terrorists – some members of the Obama backed Muslim Brotherhood – captured two men and stated their intention to end their lives.

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As the men sat, the terrorists slapped the men around a bit and eventually took them outside. Making them lie on the floor, it was clear what was about to happen.


One of the executioners brought over a cinder block and ordered one man to lay his head upon it.  After doing so, another blade wielding mad enters the picture and beheads the man.  A few members of the group take to celebrating by firing a few rounds into the man’s, now dead, corpse.

The same went for the second man as he received the same treatment.  Afterwards, those in the group were soon giving praise to Allah before the video cuts off.

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It is truly disgusting that our leaders would even think about giving any money or support to these people knowing full well what they do.  We have one of the best intelligence agencies in the world – to argue we didn’t know how they acted before publicly giving our support to such an organization would be asinine.

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