Rolling Stone Makes Major Constitutional Mistake

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The Latest Rolling Stone cover features actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus wearing nothing but a copy of the Constitution superimposed across her back, but there’s quite a problem with it.

It’s pictured below, see if you can spot where they went wrong.

It’s signed by John Hancock, who didn’t even sign the Constitution and they should have known better.

Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence while he was president of the Second Continental Congress. As the Blaze notes, his signature was so appealing that it led to his name being synonymous with “Independence.”

A spokesman for the Rolling Stone told Poynter that the “Declaration of the Independence is on the other side but we couldn’t fit in all the signatures,” after their readers were rather quick to point out the flub.

Julia Louis Dreyfus played it off in about as cool of manner as one would expect given the situation, and used it to promote the character she plays on Veep.

This whole incident makes me wonder if the editor of the magazine has a Common Core education, because this seems to be right up that alley. Although none of this should surprise any of us, with the lack of respect and understanding most liberals have for the Constitution it’s no wonder they don’t even know who signed it.

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