Dentist Trying To Clone John Lennon

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A dentist recently made the decision to purchase the wisdom tooth of John Lennon from auction costing him a whopping $30,000.  He has since been trying to figure out how to best go about cloning the famous singer.

According to the previous owner, the tooth was given to Lennon’s housekeeper, Dorothy Jarlett, who worked for the notorious figure from 1964 and 1968.  It has been in her possession ever since.

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Seeing how Jarlett is now 90-years-old, her son, Barry, expressed that they didn’t want the “unique,” piece of memorabilia getting lost, so they decided to sell it.  Apparently Lennon had also given the woman a pearl necklace as well as a wallet that the family are intent on keeping.


Michael Zuk, 51, explains that he was, “buzzing,” two years ago after placing the winning bid of the auction. Speaking with BBC radio this morning, Zuk explained his rather uncommon intentions he has for the recently acquired artifact.

After expressing his desire to make a clone of John Lennon, he shared, “Many people have thought about cloning famous people and I think John Lennon should be at the top of the heap.” Although Zuk states his awareness that this may not happen for quite some time, he eagerly noted that the next step would be to extract Lennon’s DNA sequence from the tooth.

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“From there it’s just a matter of sitting around waiting for the technology to advance just a little bit longer because they are already cloning animals from small amounts of DNA,” said Zuk. “So we have some time to think about all the different considerations.”


Sharing his hopeful nature on the matter, he continued by saying, “When people are doing genetic clones they actually get an exact replica of the person or animal that they are bringing back. I believe they are doing it with race horses already and with people’s favorite pets, so it’s already being done.”

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Although there is some speculation as to whether or not the truth is legitimate, the previous owner did sign an affidavit swearing that this was indeed the case.

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