16-Yr-Old Punk Guns Down Expecting Father

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An expecting father was tragically gunned down for nothing more than the desire of the thug punk.  Out for his daily 5 a.m. walk, Nathan Trapuzzano was approached by 16-year-old Simeon Adams, robbed and then shot.

The entirety of the event was captured by the surveillance camera of a local tire shot, where Trapuzzano was seen being intimidated by a dark man with a gun. Apparently that dark man was Adams who ordered the soon-to-be father to strip down in an attempt to rob him.

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During the course of the incident, Adams had discharged his weapon into the side of Trapuzzano and took off running while leaving his victim to die. Police were alerted to what actually happened that night by Adams’ friend Marvell Robinson, who explained that the gunman woke him up by pounding on his door.

After seeing what all the commotion was about, Adams demanded to be let in saying, “Man the police is out here and they are looking for me.”  He further explained, “When he told Nathan to take his pants off the victim started reaching for his shoes and Simeon asked him (Nathan) ‘Why you reaching for your shoes?’”

Revealing the gut churning event that happened next, Adams shared that the, “white man tried to tussle with me so I shot him.” He apparently had done just that too as Nathan was found with a bullet wound in his side that he later died from in the hospital.


Despite locals first likening this to a gang initiation killing, they have since corrected their stance saying that it was an attempted robbery gone wrong.  A woman who was there at the time of the shooting spoke to reporters in an effort to share the man’s last conscious moments.

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She relayed, “I heard a shot, but at first I didn’t pay too much attention because there are shots all the time round here. But then I heard someone yelling, ‘help, help’ help!’ so I looked out of the window and saw him stumbling around. He was shouting very loud because he was fighting for his life and trying his hardest to save himself.”

After coming over to aid the man and using a towel to apply pressure to the wound, she noted, “It was just a small bullet wound. He was lying on his side and at first I couldn’t see it. I didn’t want to move him. The paramedics arrived in five-and-a-half minutes.”


Paramedics worked on Nathan for about 5 minutes before loading him into the ambulance and taking him to a nearby hospital.  Once there he underwent emergency surgery, but hospital staff wasn’t able to save his life as the injuries were too severe.

Adams had been quite the criminal lately as he was involved in two other shootings as well in just as many days.  Two days prior to killing Nathan, Adams shot another man in the groin and leg before scurrying off.  At about 11:30 on the same night of Nathan’s death, Adams was involved in yet another gun wielding conflict where he was shot in the neck and hospitalized.

As reporters spoke with Mr. Adams – a man who helped raise Simeon since his mother’s passing – he shared his disbelief saying, “I can’t believe he would get involved in something like this. I saw him in the hospital after he got shot and he didn’t say anything about it.”


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Adams has since been charged with, “murder, attempted robbery and carrying a handgun without a license,” in regards to Nathan’s death.  Along with this, he is also being charged with, “attempted murder, aggravated battery and carrying a handgun without a license,” for his previous shooting as well. Officials have announced that they will be charging Adams as an adult for his crimes.

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