Muslim Terrorists Preparing Children For Battle

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As mankind continues to strive toward a more peaceful form of resolution it appears as if many remain resistant to change.  In order to replenish the ranks within the terrorist community, leaders are forced to take more drastic measures to ensure the continuance of Allah’s will.

Recently released is a video showing a sort of terrorist school for children in which they are trained to pray, and shoot weapons from a young age.  Some, appearing to be as young as 8, are seen firing both pistols and AK-47’s next to near-countless others.

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Brainwashing children isn’t a difficult task but shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Showing that they aren’t afraid to enlist the help of children, demonstrated the special kind of animal it takes to lead such an organization.

Making it ever difficult for the enemy to defeat – as it is significantly more traumatic to shoot a child – the terrorists take advantage of their newest recruits bi-fold.  The sadistic leaders are even seen at one point bearing quite the evil grin knowing just what is in store for these children.

The kids are trained thoroughly regarding the weapons including the take down, cleaning, and reassembling procedures.  Despite having difficulty holding the weapons when fired, the children follow the orders of the men they look up to without hesitation.


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Seen praying at the end, the boy’s believe they have truly received a divine order to slaughter the infidel.  It seems those desperate enough to complete a task have no depths in which they are afraid to stoop.

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