Photos Capture The True Reality Of Thug Violence

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A recent article on View From The Right shows a photo that captures with clarity what many of us have thought for a long time, that the people who are responsible for senseless crimes are not capable of emotions like the rest of us.

The photo captures the moment immediately following a stabbing at a carnival in the Notting Hill region of London, the assailant wielding a blood soaked knife with a blank look on his face immediately following his attempt at taking another human being’s life.

As the author of the article states, “Normally we see murderous thugs’ faces in mug shots, taken in the police station after their arrest. Here we see the thug’s face in the instant after the act, cold, devoid of humanity, the face of a killing machine.”

Thug 3

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A second photo that was captured of the incident shows a wounded man, agony smeared across his face from the pain of just being viciously attacked by the 16-year-old thug. His shirt is soaked in blood as the paramedics administer aid. There’s blood all over the ground from the multiple stab wounds to his stomach and a crowd appears to be forming around him.

The author of the original article touched on a subject that many have come to believe but are too afraid to say it, that the people responsible for this type of violence are lowlifes and scumbags. May of those who would attack someone else in cold blood like this behave like savages, incapable of processing even the most basic of emotions and placing zero value in another’s life.

Thug 1

Rather than calling these people out on their actions and demanding they act civilized like the rest of us, we’re forced into accepting their behavior and embracing it with compassion. The politically correct world forbids real change from occurring since it stifles the free exchange of ideas and observations by forcing us to water down our opinions to avoid offending people. The result is that the behavior that causes these barbaric acts is never addressed, and those responsible are never held accountable.

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