Republican Tells Holder To His Face: You Should “Be In Jail!

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During a Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday, Texas Republican Blake Farenthold had some not too kind words to say to Eric Holder for ignoring the subpoenas from Congress instead of testifying.

According to the DailyCaller, when Farenthold’s turn for questioning came he refused to ask Holder any questions, stating that not by not exercising his right to question the Attorney General he was protesting Holder’s refusal to cooperate with Congress throughout the IRS’ targeting of the Tea Party and other conservative groups.

Blake Farenthold

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He instead suggested that Holder, who has also selectively enforced laws that the administration doesn’t like, should “be in jail” for his failure to comply with the subpoenas.

“I’m committed to maintaining the constitutional balance of power and the authority this branch, this legislative branch, has,” Farenthold said. “And I just don’t think it’s appropriate that Mr. Holder be here.”

“If an American citizen had not complied with one of the Justice Department subpoenas, they would be in jail, not testifying,” he noted. “But I realize there are questions to be asked, and I’ll yield the remainder of my time to [South Carolina Republican congressman] Trey Gowdy.”

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Farenthold’s comments came after Holder had gotten into an altercation with another Texas Republican, Louie Gohmert, over Holder’s refusal to release documents pertaining to the Holy Land Foundation terror funding trial. Gohmert reminded Holder that in 2012 he was found to be in contempt of Congress for yet a different case where he refused to hand over documents to Congress, which was the failed gun trafficking operation called “Fast and Furious.”

In all it doesn’t seem to have been too good of a day for the Attorney General. Then again, what does one expect when they repeatedly act outside of, and as if they’re above the law? Perhaps if Mr. Holder doesn’t want to be embarrassed before his colleagues on the hill he should try cooperating with oversight investigations rather than stonewalling them.

Unfortunately for him, in doing so he would more than likely incriminate himself of some sort of malfeasance.

Do you think Holder should go to jail for his repeated stonewalling of Congress? Let us know with a comment!

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