Japanese Elevator Prank Takes Scaring People To A Whole New Level

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While the name of the prank show isn’t known, the video is of an elevator prank that features an appearing “ghost” who actually attacks the targets in the show, and it’s hilarious.

The first target is a woman who appears to be in her 20’s. She boards the elevator like normal then out of nowhere it stops and the lights shut down. As she’s beginning to panic the “ghost” climbs through the wall and seemingly appears out of nowhere just before the lights come back on. Once she notices the man she absolutely loses it, but that’s not the best of it.

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After a second or two the man approaches her as if he’s going to attack her and she cowers to the ground in fear. This continues for a moment or two and then the video cuts out.

The second target is even funnier. He gets on the elevator totally not expecting what’s about to happen.

As expected the lights go out and he immediately starts to panic. He starts hitting the buttons as fast as he can to try to make something happen, but it’s to no avail. As he’s panicking the “ghost” comes through the wall and gets in position.

Once the man notices the other man in the elevator he completely loses it and freaks out. He almost immediately curls up into a fetal position and appears to start crying. At that point the “ghost” moves toward the man as if he’s going to attack him and the man really loses it.

The final man wasn’t so easily fooled. He boarded the elevator and didn’t necessarily freak out when the lights went out, although he did seem to want to get moving. When the “ghost” first appeared he just kind of stared at him but didn’t act surprised. Then the ghost disappeared after the lights went out and the man just stood there.

The lights came back on and when the ghost came flying back through the wall the man simply pushed him to the ground, causing him to hit his head and immediately stop the prank.

At that point the “ghost” presumably told the man that it was all an elaborate hoax so that he didn’t further attack him.

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