Legal Guns Back In Chicago, Man Able To Defend Himself

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Much to the dismay of gun-grabbers everywhere, Chicago is proving to be a prime example of the good that comes out of arming the general, law-abiding population. On Saturday, a 53-year-old man was confronted by a couple of armed thugs in the early morning hours. Rather than becoming a statistic, the man drew his completely legal firearm on the assailants and was able to preserve his own life.

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This victory and certainly countless other that have not been reported on, are in large part the result of the efforts of Otis McDonald. 80-year-old McDonald was instrumental in convincing city officials of the importance of allowing good people to carry guns to defend themselves. In a sad coincidence, he passed away the day before this most resent report of a life saved due to his relentless pursuit of Second Amendment rights. He was undoubtedly smiling down from Heaven as the event unfolded. Maybe he even gave all the left-wing anti-gun fanatics a big middle finger.

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McDonald, who worked hard his entire life to earn an honest living and raise his eight children, was a resident of Chicago’s notoriously dangerous Morgan Park neighborhood. After his home was broken into an astonishing five times, he sought to obtain a pistol for self protection. It was then that he was confronted by that fact that in Chicago, you were not able to purchase or own a handgun at the time. Well McDonald decided to do something about that. He took the issue to court and ultimately ended up winning, which was a big day for Chicagoans who had previously been at the mercy of criminals.


Of course, the mainstream media largely ignored the ground-breaking case that McDonald brought before the court, but now we are seeing the results of his hard work. Tell us how you feel about this determined man’s legacy and the impact it is having on cities like Chicago. The proof is in the pudding and at least one man is still alive because of McDonald. We’re sure there are countless others in the same boat whom the media has ignored. Doesn’t that just tick you right off? Sound off in the comments section!

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