Parasites Praising Obama After Being Given Their “Free” EBT Cards

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In yet another video showing the lack of shame to be completely dependent, it appears as if more freeloaders are coming forward to boast of the free money given to them by the government.

Explaining to his viewers to refer to him as, “Mr. EBT,” the tone of the video is quite clear.  Sharing how just about any type of food can be purchased through the card given to him by the government, his pompous attitude comes off as that similar to a kings.

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Of course there is a downfall mentioned in the video.  According to Mr. EBT, unfortunately there are a few things that the card is not accepted for.  Hoping that one day this might change, the singer expresses his disappointment that booze and weed aren’t lawfully purchased with “free” government money.


Of course, we really shouldn’t be shocked here – after all, if you give a mouse a cookie, he’ll ask for a glass of milk, right?

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This seems to be the case as the epidemic of parasites continues to infect the nation at an unprecedented rate.  As Obama and his gang of Democrats seek to gain more votes, those accepting these benefits not only are too clueless to see the harmful effects they are having on the nation, but also don’t see how they are literally being imprisoned through dependence.

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