Former Democrat Goes Off On Democrats, U.S. Debt Problem [WARNING: PROFANITY 21+]

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A former Democrat released a video about his frustration with the Democrats and the debt problem. While he uses an obscene amount of profanity, he echoes the sentiments many of us have about the debt.

I have to warn you, however, that the video is very vulgar in nature.

The short clip has just him standing with a black background, explaining why people like him voted for Obama and other liberals.

He then starts in on talking about how every American has to balance a checkbook and politicians are supposed to be the “best and the brightest” yet haven’t figured it out.

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After listing off several Ivey League colleges, he says “You should have went to Norfolk State… You would have saved a ton of money.”

“This isn’t personal,” he says just before pointing out the irony that America borrows so much money from the largest communist nation on the planet, China.

As many of us have said before, the man talks about the need for politicians to lead through example rather than acting like they’re not required to follow the most basic rules of economics. He asks why any of us should be held to a different standard.

His rant ends shortly after he tears into politicians about America’s and their own credit scores.

There’s many of us who feel this same way right now, and while he was rather vulgar in his explanation it’s good to see people waking up to what’s really going on. This puts things in perspective as to what Americans should really be concerned about, as he mentions the issues that people based their votes on which pale in comparison to the real issues our nation faces.

The national debt is a very real problem that threatens our country and our livelihoods more than just about anything else, and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of end in sight. Maybe if more people were to wake up, like this man has, and actually hold those in office accountable for the runaway spending we’ve seen then things would change. However as long as people allow things like race, gay rights, and religion to divide us and overpower the national conversation nothing will change.

The reason I posted this was so you could see that there are people from all walks of life who are waking up and seeing the damage that is being done to our nation. We should be encouraging more people to pay attention and speak out, regardless of who they are or how they do it.

Do you agree with what he had to say, even if he wasn’t as eloquent as some people may be? Let us know with a comment, we love to read them!

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