Liz Cheney: Pelosi’s ‘Spine Doesn’t Reach Her Brain’

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Nancy Pelosi is in the press yet again for the idiotic comments that seem to spew from her mouth like a burst water pipe. Most recently, she bashed Dick Cheney, ridiculing him for the use of enhanced interrogation techniques.

She said over the weekend in an interview with CNN:

“I do believe that during the Bush-Cheney administration, that Vice President Cheney set a tone and an attitude for the CIA. I think he’s proud of it.”

Cheney’s daughter, Liz, has now come to her father’s defense, as she sat down with Fox News to explain why her dad was correct in his support of enhanced interrogation techniques and why Pelosi needs to have her head examined. She commented on Fox & Friends:

“My dad has been and remains a steadfast supporter of the enhanced interrogation program that saved lives and prevented attacks after 9/11. Frankly, Mrs. Pelosi is somebody who was briefed on the program, she forgot she was briefed on the program, later had to admit it, and I have to say that when I heard those comments yesterday, I was reminded of something Margaret Thatcher once said about one of her political opponents. You know, Mrs. Pelosi’s problem is that her spine doesn’t seem to reach her brain.”

Boy, do we agree!

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One of the most controversial of the enhanced interrogation techniques is the practice of water boarding, which draws mixed opinions across the board. Liberals argue that it’s a high form of torture, while many on the right regard it as an acceptable means to gather information from criminals. Liz defended the technique and said that the decision to water board terrorists during her father’s administration was absolutely crucial. She furthered, saying that she hopes other presidents would make the same decision in the future.

Here’s an idea – how about we water board Nancy Pelosi every time a terrorist attack is carried out which could have been prevented by the use of the enhanced interrogation techniques she seems to have such a problem with? Maybe that’ll get through to her.

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What do you think? Are enhanced interrogation techniques an acceptable means to extract information from those who wish to harm the United States? We’d sure rather see a few Muslim extremists be water boarded than to lose even one American life to terrorism. Give us your take on this in the comments section!

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