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As our nation continues to plummet toward complete collapse, and Democrats struggle to remain in power, those willing to accept a pay off in exchange for their votes have come out in an unprecedented rate.  No longer ashamed to be a freeloader, a few government mooches have come together to create quite the nauseating music video.

Simply dubbed “It’s free, swipe your EBT,” the music video is almost self explanatory.  Starting out by sharing all the places in which you can use your food stamps card, the video soon cuts into a musical parody to describe how to go about getting yourself a free food card.

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Right before the music kicks on however, an infuriating statement is given saying, “public service announcement: this is where the tax payer money goes.”  Spouting on about the free welfare, free healthcare and free food, the song goes on to share just what needs to be done to get these amazing services.

The answer is quite simple as the woman in the video simply shares, “All you have to do is f*ck, and nine months late your getting the big bucks.”  After this, the only thing you need to do is wait as your, “money comes in the mailbox.”

The deluded ramblings go on from there but the overall message is clear.  If you want “free” money, all you have to do is irresponsibly give birth to a child.  The unfortunate obligations of offspring are justified by the misinformed guarantee of easy money.

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The parents in the video, apparently all using their own money surely aren’t in the running for parents of the year, but their point has been made.  Unfortunately for us taxpayers who are footing the bill for such behavior there’s not much we can do about it.

Assistance programs such as the ones mentioned in this video were meant to help those in dire need.  Luckily for those too lazy to work or looking for the easy way out, politicians have made life a little easier in a dependent circle of unofficial bribes.

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Money for votes; if each honor their end of the bargain, the practice will surely continue until the nation can afford it no longer.  But who cares? Its free money, right?

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