Ambush In Syria Kills 20 Terrorists In One Shot

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An ambush on April 4 of this year in Syria killed 20 suspected terrorists in one explosion and allowed for others to be captured.

The video, first published to LiveLeak, shows a group of men walking along a fence line off in the distance. As they approach a small hill and gather together there is a massive explosion that goes off right next to them.

The video was shot using night vision, however following the blast the operational footage shows the aftermath, with what’s left of the terrorists laying on the ground.

The ambush took place in Adra, Syria, which in in the southern portion of the country just northeast of Damascus. In December of last year, Islamic radicals massacred over 80 Christian civilians in the town, which is known for being Syria’s most industrialized area.

Since then the area has been a hot-spot for radicals and the Syrian Army has been working to flush them out and restore order.

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