Bigfoot Spotted By Remote Aircraft In Colorado

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A video released of a radio controlled aircraft flying over the Flatirons near Boulder, Colorado appears to catch an abnormality that could be a Sasquatch.

At around 2:14 in, the plane gets extremely close to one of the mountain’s peaks and there’s a dark figure amongst the rocks. As the plane keeps flying, the noticeably darker figure appears to be moving.

The figure appears to take the shape of a large, upright creature on two legs and moves while the plane flies by.

The video slows down at the point so you can get a better perspective, and I’ve taken the liberty of catching some screen shots and circling the area the figure appears.

It’s definitely not conclusive evidence of the Sasquatch, but it does not appear to be a rock either, after all rocks don’t move.

Could this be video proof that Bigfoot exists in Colorado? Take a look for yourself and see, then let us know with a comment!

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