HORRIFYING VIDEO: 5 Bound Men Executed At The Hands Of Muslims (GRAPHIC 21+)

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In a disturbing new video, the religion of peace has yet again proven to the world exactly what defines them.  Five men are seen bound and mercilessly executed at the hands of their Muslim captors.

In gory detail, the men are seen kneeling before a gun wielding executioner while he is assumed to be describing the men’s crimes.  Although their crimes are unclear at this time, similar instances have dictated the deaths of innocents for something as miniscule as not praying enough at times.

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Deemed to be punishable by death, three men are then executed with one gunshot each to the head.  After the men lay dead on the floor, the gunman then goes back through and puts a few more rounds into each of their heads.

As the deceased men are being recorded on the floor, the cries of another soon-to-be victim are heard echoing throughout the room.  Soon enough however, it is their turn where they also receive the same treatment.

What do you guys think of this – unnecessary bloodshed or has this just come to be expected from the religion of peace? Let us know in comment below.

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