Armed Robbery Goes Terribly Wrong, For The Thief

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A video from Venezuela shows an attempted robbery that went terribly wrong for the thief, who ended up getting shot by his target.

The short clip shows a man entering a building, then leaving and getting into his vehicle. As soon as he shuts the door the thief appears from around the corner and approaches with a gun in his hand.

He points the weapon straight at the man’s head and presumably demands money or the vehicle, but the man had something else for him.

He manages to fight off his attacker long enough to draw his own pistol and start shooting at the thief.

Self Defense

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As the thief is running away, the man continues to fire at him and appears to hit him at least once and in a good enough location to drop the assailant.

The man then gets out of his vehicle and keeps the suspect at bay while he awaits for help of some sort to arrive.

There’s no word on the motive for the robbery or the condition of the thief, however judging by the video he was pretty badly injured because he lays there basically motionless after being shot.

Had the victim in this video not had his own gun he more than likely would have wound up dead at the hands of his attacker.

Videos like this are an excellent example of why it’s important for us to be able to protect ourselves in these types of situations. Time after time we see stories of defensive use of firearms yet people still seem to think that disarming good people will somehow make things like in this video stop, it won’t. All it will do is further empower those who wish harm on others by giving them an unfair advantage over those who follow the laws.

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