Penn And Teller DESTROY Gun Grabber Argument

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In a video sure to muster up the urge to take on any and all gun grabbers that come your way, Penn and Teller recently released a video that completely demolishes any argument regarding the Second Amendment’s wording.

As we all know, one of the favorite things argued by our gun grabbing pals to the left is the unclear and nonspecific wording used by our forefathers when writing the Constitution.  Of course, to we red-blooded Americans, the Second Amendment is to be taken at face value and we will continue to do such.

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However, for those that seem to think that guns only belong in the hands of the government and our military forces, Penn and Teller has quite the bone to pick.  The famous duo share that the framers used, in contradiction to anti-gun argument, extremely specific language and grammar when they worded the law.


There is a separation between the dialect referring to each the militia and the people in the form of a comma.  Of course, as those wishing to strip us from our 2A rights continue on their crusade, they argue that the comma was placed there simply as a pause.

Feeling differently on the matter, Penn takes to concluding the lesson in the most astounding way ever heard.  Shattering all arguments entirely, he notes, “Strange, they can’t seem to point out any other places where those hack framers f**ked up the wording.”

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And boom goes the dynamite.

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