Suspect Unloads His AK-47 At Cops After Car Chase

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A video from Caucuses, Russia has emerged that shows a police chase coming to an end with one of the suspects emerging from the vehicle and dumping an entire magazine out of his AK-47 at the police.

The video starts with officers pursuing a white sedan on what appears to be a two-lane road.

After roughly 25 seconds the police car nudges the suspect’s vehicle and causes it to impact with another motorist.

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When the vehicle stops, the driver gets out and makes a run for the rear of the car. As he passes the rear door, a second suspect opens it and appears with a fully-automatic AK-47 and empties the magazine at the officers.

As the bullet fly the windshield is shattered and one of the officers starts screaming out in pain after he’s hit.

Once the suspect stops firing he too turns and makes a run for it, presumably with one of the officers giving chase since shortly after you can hear what sounds like pistol-fire coming from off of the screen.

When the officer returns to help his injured partner he is heard calling for backup in Russian over his radio.

There’s no information available as to whether or not the officer lived or what the status of the suspects is.

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