SICKENING: “The Government Is My REAL Baby Daddy”

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In a prime example of just how far down the toilet this country has been allowed to plunge, a new video is making its way around the web.  In it stars a single woman who has taken to thanking the U.S. government for being her “baby daddy.”

It’s really quite a shame to know that people are not only using government assistance in times of need, but depending on it as an extra income.  As the current Democrats in office continue to loosen the guidelines around many assistance programs in the name of a few more votes, it shouldn’t be a shock to see what this country has been reduced to.

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“I want to give a shout out to my kids’ real daddy – thank you government,” the woman begins.  The woman goes on likening the government to that of a “real father” as it literally provides for her children the way their father(s) should.


She explains how Uncle Sam puts food on the table for her and her family through the use of food stamps.  Along with this, she boasts the housing assistance she gets and even mentions section 8.  Lastly, she praises the government for providing “free” healthcare for her children.

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As the government takes care of her kids the way their father should, the kids are no longer the financial burden they used to be.  She concludes the video by giving one last stomach churning note saying, “Thank you government for being my kids’ daddy.”

Don’t videos like this just make you want to slam your forehead on the desk? Let us know what you thought of this in a comment below.

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