VIDEO: Drunk Rednecks Prove That Stupidity Is Boundless When Drunk

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A video is going around showing the effects that alcohol has on the ability to distinguish between intelligent and moronic.  Recently demonstrating this point, is a group of drunk rednecks trying to pierce a nail through one of their noses.

As the drunken guinea pig, and star of our show, mumbles on about something, it quickly comes into view their intentions.  The drunkard lies his head down on a thick piece of wood and unintelligibly states something while pointing toward the inside of his nose.

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A fellow drunk redneck is then seen coming into the frame with a hammer and a single nail.  Placing the nail on the inside of the man’s nose, as directed, he then gives the nail a swift tap, impaling the man to the block of wood.


It seems as though the drunk man didn’t feel it as he hardly even flinched, but soon realized the predicament he was in when he tried to move.  It isn’t long before the man winces after trying to lift his head as he already had forgotten what he’d done.

The friend soon returns and takes the nail out where the two share a celebratory hug.  I wouldn’t want to be that guy when he wakes up, how about you? Let us know what you thought of this video in a comment below.

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