Muslim And His Buddies Run Out Of Luck

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Apparently Muslims aren’t as good at diffusing bombs as they are at building them or else there would probably be a few more alive today than prior to when this video was recorded.

The video shows a man trying to diffuse what looks like some sort of home-made bomb with a small group of people around him. The crowd closes in on him as he’s working, trying to get a better view of what’s going on and how he’s making out.

As everyone seems to relax a little and it looks like things are under control, something goes terribly wrong and the bomb detonates.

The camera pans backwards immediately after and shows what’s left of the man who was working on the bomb along with others who have either been killed or knocked unconscious from the explosion. The rest of the video doesn’t show too much other than a chaotic scene unfolding as rescue personnel and police come to the area to assist the wounded.

Too bad for these guys it’s not like the movies and you can’t exactly have a blast like this happen in front of your face and expect to live through it.

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