HORRIFYING VIDEO: Distressed Student Leaps To His Death

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In a saddening new video, it appears as if a student couldn’t take the stress of life while in school and decided to take his own life.

All caught on tape, as several other looked on in disbelief, the student is seen on a ledge, high up on a tall building.  As several people don’t seem to be helping, but rather pulling out their cameras to record the incident, the student, 19-year-old Leonard Torres, figure’s he’s been up there long enough and takes the leap.

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The young adult is then seen plummeting toward the ground as those bearing witness to the even erupt in screams of horror.  The camera angle then shoots downward before being pointed at the ground during the time of impact.

Take a look at another view of the incident from below:

Apparently Torres was doing quite poorly in college and was afraid of his parents – these in combination with each other was enough to prompt the student to take his own life.

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