Stupid Or Funny? Kid Shoots .50cal At Another Kid’s Head

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A couple of kids from Mississippi got the bright idea that they were going to use a .50cal sniper rifle to shoot a melon off of one of their heads.


“We’re here with this watermelon, my head, this .50 caliber BMG round and his sniper rifle,” the one young man says prior to the shot being taken.

The kids look to be about 75-100 yards away from each other when the film cuts to the scene for the shot.

As they’re preparing, the kid with the melon on his head points to it as if to remind the shooter where to aim, he then plugs his ears and starts screaming.

The video cuts away to the shooter loading his rifle and taking aim at his friend, then he pulls the trigger.

It’s worth saying that doing something like this is probably the dumbest idea anybody could have. One mistake and the one kid’s head would be gone and his buddy would be on trial for either murder or manslaughter, neither of which would be fun and could come with serious consequences.

This was not a safe idea, and this isn’t the type of thing that should be promoted within the firearms world. The only reason we brought it to you was so that you could see how not to behave and what not to do in order to practice firearm safety.

So it goes without saying that you should NOT try this at home, EVER.

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