Car Stunt Goes Horribly Wrong And Sends Bodies Flying [GRAPHIC]

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The attached video is of a car that was trying to perform some sort of sliding maneuver, then crashing and presumably killing all the occupants inside.

The dark four-door sedan is seen traveling down the road at a high rate of speed when the driver loses control. The vehicle slides towards the crowd nearby then catches its tires on the roadside curb, which sends it into a roll.

As the car is rolling the occupants, who didn’t appear to be wearing seatbelts, are slowly forced out of the window openings.


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The car continues to roll with the occupants stuck half inside of it, getting slammed into the ground with tremendous force and one of them being ejected about halfway through the rolls.

Just before coming to a stop the second occupant is ejected from the vehicle and lands in the street, along with the arm of the other man that was severed in the accident.

The car then came to rest in a massive cloud of dust that blinds the view of the camera and the people who were watching.

There’s no word on where this happened or whether or not the occupants survived the crash, however judging by the severity of the wreck and the punishment the people inside the car took it’s safe to say that they probably didn’t make it.

Remember to always buckle up!

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