GRAPHIC VIDEO: Terrorists Brainwash 12-Yr-Old, Make Him Decapitate Innocent Man (21+)


April 7, 2014 1:29pm PST

A disturbing video is making its way around the internet showing just how far the religion of peace is prepared to go in order to ensure its survival.  Brainwashing children, some as young as 12-years-old, are indoctrinated into the world of terrorism by beheading an innocent man.

Be warned, this video is extremely graphic.

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The video shows a young boy, proud to be standing where he is, knife in hand.  It seems as though this may not be his first time as there is little to no hesitation before he begins the gruesome act.


As the video is in a foreign language, it is hard to tell what the man has been charged with, although some have been killed for simple things such as drinking too much, or not praying enough.  The unverified description however states that the man was guilty of spying on the Taliban and giving information that caused the death of a few of their men.

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Apparently the man, Ghulam Nab, provided the U.S. intel that lead to a massive airstrike and was captured in retaliation. As the man is bound, he is grabbed by the beard and his head is pulled up exposing his throat.

It isn’t long before the boy begins to slice into the man’s neck eventually killing him.  It is truly sad to see a young mind be perverted to complete such an atrocious deed in the name Allah.  Let us know what you thought of this gut churning video in a comment below.


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