Scary Ghost Prank Goes Completely Right

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A babysitter was in for the night of his life after accepting a gig to simply watch a little girl.  The night however, didn’t go as smooth as planned, and lucky for us, it was all caught on camera.

The video starts out with the victim coming to the house where he is set to watch a girl while the mother has a night out.  During that time, he is warned by the mother that her other daughter, the girl’s sister, had recently passed away after being electrocuted.

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Instead of being shocked when it’s brought up, she explains that she’d rather he be prepared as her daughter may want to talk about it.  As the mother sets off for the night, the fun begins.


The babysitter and the girl are sitting on the couch when the TV flicks on and a girls voice is heard through the speakers.  After carrying on a conversation with the voice in the TV, the girl goes over and unplugs the television.

Thoroughly freaked out, the babysitter calls the mother in a panicked tone to tell her of the eerie occurrence.  As the two are talking, things on the table in front of the two begin to move, prompting the full grown man to scream like a frightened little girl.

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After the mother informs the babysitter that she is coming back home, the TV miraculously flips back on setting the man on edge.  As he continues to scream, an illuminated girl, whom he thought to be the dead daughter, appeared outside a glass door with an outstretched hand.

Screaming extremely loudly, he is only stopped as the girl asks if he is scared and tells him he is on a prank TV show.  What did you guys think of this prank? How about the man’s reaction? Let us know in a comment below.

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