Convenience Store Clerk Disarms Robber

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A local California man has recently been deemed a hero after successfully disarming a would-be thief and chasing him from a store.

The news comes out of San Leandro, California, after a masked gunman entered a 7-Eleven and started waving his gun around and demanding the cash from the register. Instead of doing what he was told however, one of the clerks seized at the chance to disarm the man.

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As the employee, only going by the name of Mark, describes, “He started swinging the gun back and forth.”  As Mark watched the gun pass by, he decided to act instead of allow himself to be a victim.

“When the gun got close to him, I saw my opportunity. I grabbed it by both ends and just yanked it out of his hand,” Mark added. All caught on tape, you can then see the thug start running for his life with Mark in tow, with his recently acquired firearm.


Police have since confiscated the weapon.

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During a press conference, San Leandro police Lt Robert McManus expressed, “We are extremely lucky no one was injured.”  He also shared that the police do not condone any such action despite the, “quick actions,” of the clerk in which he was successfully able to disarm the man.

They state that although Mark was, “very brave” there is a high probability that the same acts in the future could result in someone being injured or even killed.

McManus further relayed, “If someone sees something like this occur, please try not to take it in your own hands. Our ultimate goal here is to make sure no one gets hurt and that we do apprehend the suspect safely.”

Surprisingly, Mark feels the same way as well.

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After being asked if he would do the same thing if it happened again, he quickly answered, “no.”   He went on to explain, “If you look back, some people say hero, some people say brave, others say stupid.  It’s a little bit of both – of all three, actually. I don’t know if it was the right thing, but it got a gun off the street.”

What do you think – did Mark do the right thing? Was he lucky he didn’t get hurt? Let us know in a comment below.

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