Crime Rates Rise In Colorado After Legalization Of Pot

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One of the major arguments for the recent legalization of marijuana in some states was that by legalizing the sale and purchase of the drug, crime rates would decrease dramatically. But surprise, surprise, crime rates have not in fact gone down in the state of Colorado, where pot has been legalized. Not only have they not gone down, but they have risen steadily.

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With the owners of legal pot dispensaries now raking in the cash almost quicker than they can count it, these places of business have become a target for criminals looking to make off with loads of drugs and cash. Adding to the incentive for criminals is the fact that most banks refuse to deal with marijuana-related businesses for fear or federal retribution. One business owner reported losing six bank accounts in one month. The same woman says that she has become such a target that she is constantly afraid and has installed at least nine surveillance cameras all in one small room of her shop. With banks leery of dealing with the legal drug dealers, they are forced to keep huge quantities of cash on hand.

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Does this sound familiar to another one of the left’s arguments which they love to harp on even though it is backed by exactly zero fact? It certainly reminds us a lot of the gun-grabbers’ fight to take our guns away, even though it has been proven time and again that this would actually increase violent gun crimes dramatically. But who has time for silly facts these days? Certainly not the people who would like to take your guns and fill you to the brim with legal marijuana instead.

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What do you think of this most recent report? Did you see it coming all along? Let us know in the comments section!

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