Police Waste Money With Hypocritical Advertisement

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released an advertisement about distracted driving that’s sure to make your head spin.

The 30-second spot shows a group of young girls driving down the road when the driver gets a text. She continues to drive while responding to the text and blows through a stop sign, causing a massive truck to strike the side of her vehicle and send it flying.

The video ends with a cop standing there who says “Nobody likes to be stopped by the police. But if I had seen her texting and driving, and given her a ticket, it just might have saved her life.”

The message of the video is one that people should pay attention to since it’s true that distracted driving can lead to major accidents, but all people should take note of it and not just us ordinary folks.

While these types of messages are okay to spread, they gloss over the fact that cops are without a doubt the most distracted drivers on the road. After all they have computers, radios, cell phones, etc. in their vehicles and they’re constantly using them.

How is running somebody’s license plate number while driving down the road any different than sending a text on a cell phone? It’s not, and to believe otherwise is foolish to say the least.

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One might argue that police are trained professionals with practice doing just that, which would be a valid argument but couldn’t the same be said for someone who’s sent many texts while behind the wheel?

There’s not much available by way of research when it comes to accidents caused by a distracted officer, and that’s probably for a good reason. More and more states are passing laws that forbid drivers from texting and/or talking on a cell phone yet the same restrictions aren’t being placed on law enforcement.

We all constantly see the police talking on the phones, using their radios and using their in-car computers while they’re driving down the road but if we’re caught doing the same we’ll first be pulled over, and the odds that our vehicle will be searched or have our rights violated will instantly increase and for what? Doing what we just watched a government official do.

Isn’t that how tyranny is defined? That which is illegal for the people but legal for the government?

The best part of it all? If we get into an accident with a patrol car we’re automatically deemed to be at fault regardless of the circumstance, and I’m sure just about all of us know someone it’s happened to.

The bottom line is that simply putting on a badge and getting into a patrol car doesn’t change the fact that distracted driving causes accidents and for police and government officials to believe so is hypocrisy at its best.

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