Obama Paying Women Less Than Men While Trying To Close Gender Wage Gap

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President Obama isn’t best known for his genius ideas, his amazing policies or unbiased acts, but rather the opposite.  His latest conquest seems to demonstrate the same as he battles to close the gender wage gap while at the same time, paying female staffers in the White House less than men.

We’ve all heard Obama spout on about the need for income equality while his net worth has steadily skyrocketed the past 5 years.  As he continues to go on his lavish, and frequent, vacations, all financed by the American tax payer, it’s hard to understand why he feels the need to argue for such a cause.

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Of course, we all know that Obama doesn’t really want this – after all, if he was making the same as everyone else in this country, how would Moochelle be able to afford to get away from the stresses endured by the First Lady?  His arguments are invalid, unfounded, and for one purpose only – to sway a few more votes to the Democratic Party.

In effort to do just that, Obama has recently taken it upon himself to do what he does best – use his notorious pen to bypass Congress.  This time, he will be signing two executive actions in an effort to fight against the pay inequalities between men and women.

Obama will only be able to combat the discrepancies between the men and women who are federal employees, but his actions seem to be praise worthy to certain brain-dead sheep. Described as standing up for women, Obama’s first executive action will ban federal contractors from retaliating, “against employees who disclose or ask about their wages.”

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The second executive action is set to require federal employers to submit data detailing employee salary according to sex and race.  ACLU senior legislative counsel and co-chair of the National Paycheck Fairness Coalition, Deborah J. Vagins, has been praising Obama for his valiant efforts on the battlefield of gender equality in the workforce ever since.

“From making the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act the first bill he signed into law to these actions, the President has proven himself to be a true champion for women in the workplace,” she cheered.  “Congress still needs to do its part and pass the Paycheck Fairness Act, but we’re one step closer to achieving pay equity thanks to this White House.”

Obama may not have been as good as he hoped to have portrayed himself however, but are the mindless drones going to let those petty statistics get in their way? They haven’t thus far, why start now?

The current administration’s past speaks volumes when it comes to exactly how much women are valued within the White House.  According to The Daily Caller, “the White House paid women an estimated 11.8 percent less than men in 2013.”

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Dating just one year back, in 2012, women were discovered to have been paid, “13 percent less than men.”  And the Free Bacon reports that in 2011, “women were paid 18 percent less.”  Obama, not only has paid women less than men in the past, but is clearly defined by his past as nothing more than a two faced equivocator.

Of course hypocrisy from the left and this administration is what we’ve come to expect as Obama continues with his near tyrant agenda.  Let us know what you think of Obama’s most recent manipulative ploy in a comment below.

(h/t: The Daily Caller)

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