29 Terrorists Accidentally Commit Mass Suicide After Explosives Mishap

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It’s always a good day when those that wish to do others harm, end up putting an end to themselves instead.  Surely destined to kill several innocents, Syrian rebels accidentally detonated the explosives they were loading into a car, killing 29 at least.

The terrorists were allegedly preparing a vehicle to be used in a bomb attack when the explosives somehow went off, killing everyone in the immediate radius.  Although the number of the deceased is currently 29, that number is expected to rise as there are a few more members unaccounted for as well as a few body parts that don’t belong to any of the dead.

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British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reports, “The death toll is likely to rise because there are dozens of people missing and body parts in the area of the blast.” Along with this, they also mention that most, if not all, of those dead, are believed to be Syrian rebels.

Syria’s official news agency SANA, explained that the truck was accidentally detonated while rebels were loading the truck with explosives destined for a near-future attack.  The French News Agency, AFP, reported that the Syrian Revolution General Commission blamed the explosion on a rocket that had landed on an explosives cache.

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Neither claim has been verified at this time.

Back in February, we reported of a terrorist teacher who blew himself up with 21 of his students, all belonging to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), while teaching them how to make suicide vests.  Just last week a video began circulating the web showing at least 3 Syrian terrorists in a truck being hit with an Al-Nusra Shell killing them instantly.  Check that video out here:

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Although the most recent incident wasn’t recorded, some of the best footage actually comes from terrorists themselves as they continue to record their attacks for propaganda purposes.

Although many times, terrorists go unpunished here on earth, it’s good to hear that sometimes things work out for the best – especially when you learn that they were gearing up for the mass murder of innocents. Let us know what you think of these imbeciles and if they got what they deserved in a comment below.

(h/t: The Blaze)

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