Gun-Grabbing Liberal Democrat Goes Off On NRA Members And Conservatives

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The liberal Democrat looking to oust House Majority Leader Eric Cantor from his seat went on a hate-filled tirade against the NRA and conservatives Saturday night.

In a show of true tolerance and respect for differing opinions, Mike Dickinson went on a Twitter rant against anyone who supports the NRA to pro-lifers to people he thinks engage in “Obama Hating.”

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Some of the tweets are as follows;

Then he appeared to make fun of the mentally challenged;

What rant would be complete without degrading those who speak against your own beliefs like a true hypocrite?

Of course you can’t start that type of dialogue on Twitter without people immediately lashing out against you;

All of this hatred and not a peep from his fellow liberal Democrats to condemn such awful behavior and there hasn’t been a hint of an apology either. According to the Blaze, this morning the congressional hopeful actually insulted the intelligence of someone who spoke out in anger against his tirade, which pretty much rules out any chance of his just being drunk and pissed off he’s not going to win in November.

“I went to engineering school and I support the NRA,” one person tweeted him.

“Went or graduated? RW has large college dropout rate,” a tweet on the Dickinson account replied.

You can bet money that if a conservative candidate had done something similar that it would be national news by now. It’s nice to see that these people are held to the same set of standards as everyone else[sarcasm added].

Are you tired of liberals being able to say and do whatever they want without any repercussions? Let us know with a comment, we love to read them!

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[H/T: TheBlaze]

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