People Outraged At Mozilla CEO’s Ouster Over Gay Marriage

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Earlier in the week the story broke that the CEO of Mozilla, the company that produces the popular web browser called “Firefox,” was forced to resign over a donation he made in favor of Proposition 8. As news spread of his resignation, people became outraged that he was bullied into such a decision.

Brenden Eich resigned from Mozilla after gay rights supporters came out against him for making a $1,000 donation to the Proposition 8 ballot initiative in California over five years ago.

The decision to have the company’s co-founder, and the inventor of the web language called Javascript, removed has since outraged its customers who believe that he should have a right to speak his mind, and they took to the company’s website to voice their feelings.

According to the Daily Caller, 94% of the comments that were left were negative while only 6% were positive. The means that there were 7,000 negative comments to a mere 500 positive.

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One of the users said that “Your abject and pathetic condemnation of an individual’s right to hold and support their own view on the world is simply unbelievable.”

Mozilla is an open-source browser with contributors all of the world. When Eich was hired there were some who contested it due to his support for Prop 8 but there was also pressure put on the company from outside sources as well, like a few LGBT groups and their supporters who spoke out.

The most notable opposition to him came from the website OKCupid, who blocked its users from accessing the site if they were using the Mozilla browser and said they’d prefer it if they found different software to use.

Many in the conservative world have called for a counter boycott to Mozilla and asked people to uninstall the popular program from their computers to make a point. As the Caller reports, the hashtag #UninstallFirefox has been gaining in popularity since Eich’s resignation.

Are you sick of the left trying to bully people and corporations into accepting their ideology? Let us know with a comment, we love to read them!

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