“Hillbilly Hunters” In Search Of The World’s Most Elusive Creatures

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For the majority of us, things like Bigfoot and the Yeti are nothing more than the tin foil hat brigade’s imagination running wild.  However, a new gang of hillbilly hunters have set out to prove to the world that some of the world’s most elusive creatures, actually do exist.

Although the aforementioned mythical creatures are among the more well known of the variety, these determined hunters set out to find all beasts unproven in their existence.  Looking for things such as the Mothman, Devil Dogs, and Grassman, a group known as the Appalachian Investigators of Mysterious Sightings, or A.I.M.S., has recently set out on their second season of their show, “Mountain Monsters.”


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As the Huffington Post points out, “The six-man A.I.M.S. crew may look like expert moonshiners,” but actually claim to be a set of highly trained and experienced trackers, trappers and hunters. In a recent interview with the group, their leader, John “Trapper” Tice had quite a bit to say about their hunts.


Trapper started out by noting the adrenaline rush often felt during hunts saying, “They’re scary sons of bitches.”  He went on to say, “A lot of them make a bellowing, yelling scream at you. The Wolfman did it to us in Kentucky, and just things you see, you know are way faster than we are. We usually have them beat on intelligence, so we have to use our intelligence with old school tracking and reading signs ability with new technology. And we interview a lot of eyewitnesses. That’s how we can get so close to ’em.”

Although the boys are originally from West Virginia, they have been to places such as, “Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia, Kentucky and Ohio,” as they follow the rumors.  Although this is their second season and have many years under their belts, they collective team is yet to capture just one of the creatures to this date.


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Trapper noted, “Catching one is different [from proving they exist].”  Further explaining he stated, “In the first place, the guys have jobs, so we usually try to do it in three days, over a weekend and we have limited time. We’ve been very close, and it’s gonna take a bunch of luck, along with a lot of experts to do this. But I think it’ll eventually happen.”


Of course they mention that killing the beast would be the easier way to go about the hunt, but in all reality, that isn’t their intention.  Expressing that they have a sort of respect for the mythical beasts, they’d rather not take its life, but just be able to prove its existence.

“Wild Bill” Neff noted just this as he mentioned, “People from the big cities will overrun a place, and the first thing they’ll say is that they’re gonna kill it.  We’ll, we’re not after it to kill it — we’re after it to prove that that animal exists.”


The rather large, former Marine went on to explain that just because they don’t want to kill whatever they’re searching for, doesn’t mean they won’t if they have to.  Although their ultimate goal is to capture the animals, they do carry firearms in case their lives come under immediate danger.

“Anybody who says they wasn’t scared is a lyin’ S.O.B. I was a Marine and I do not fear. Let me tell you something — when they say they don’t fear, they’re lyin’ to ya,” Neff conveyed.


After being asked for proof, Trapper whipped out a 2-inch tooth and slapped it on the table.  He then proceeded to explain that he found it in the woods while tracking a bear and has never found the need to have it tested to determine the species it belonged to.

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Instead he firmly insists that he knows exactly what it came from.  He then described, “I think it’s an incisor [front] tooth from a Bigfoot.”

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