Rush Limbaugh: We’re On The Path To Government Collapse

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Conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh recently gave quite the account of what he thinks government collapse will look like.  The scariest part about this, is that we are already on the path of destruction where few signs of future turmoil have already surfaced.

Rush Limbaugh starts out by sharing that not everything will be so sudden when the government does begin to collapse.  He does however say that although many are suffering now, if we stay on the, “road that we are on,” today’s issues will be a cakewalk compared to the future.

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Delving into his chilling prediction, he states, “The road that we are on takes us back to the Great Depression.” He goes on to add, “That’s what things will look like: People lined up for food, shelter. It’s gonna be ugly. People will be losing their savings and their pensions and their investments, in any number of ways.”


He later shares that these “lines” are almost a reality already as record numbers wait by their mailboxes for welfare checks, unemployment benefits and food stamps.  This however will be no more, as when the government does collapse, Limbaugh notes that the value of the dollar simply, “evaporates.”

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Even though that is the case, those lucky enough to still have money, will soon be with the rest of us as the government, “takes it, confiscates it.” He then mentions that if you don’t think this is possible, to think again.

Sharing just one example he rants, “Folks, the Reverend [Jesse] Jackson himself has personally suggested that government actually confiscate everybody’s pensions.  He says, ‘There’s trillions of dollars there. We need it. We need it for benefits.’ Don’t think that can’t happen. Pension, your investments, gone.”

And if one things for sure, if one person thinks in a certain way, you can almost guarantee that there are a few more that have a similar mindset.  Giving just another example of the lengths America will go to in order to stop their gushing carotid, officials may even revoke the tax-exempt status of municipal bonds.

Radio show host Limbaugh speaks at a forum hosted by the Heritage Foundation in Washington

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Sharing that they will be virtually “worthless”, the nation will resort to food lines and shelters, entirely dependent on the crumbling government.

Of course this is Limbaugh’s take on the issue, but what do you think? Could this be a possibility if our nation continues down the path its currently on? Let us know in a comment below.

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