The Most EXTREME Plastic Surgeries You’ve Ever Seen

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Whether it is to improve their looks or just some sort of unhealthy addiction, plastic surgery is popular amongst alot of people.

And sometimes it can get a little bit out of hand. collected some good examples. Get ready for some of the most absurd plastic surgery operations that you’ve probably ever seen.

This woman is a German model named Bashine. She has breast implants that weigh 20 pounds each and are a mind-blowing size Z!


This woman is Hang Mioku who was a model until she became addicted to plastic surgery. Eventually doctors stopped performing operations on her and she decided to begin injecting cooking oil into her face with the hopes of having smoother skin. According to a report from the DailyMail, her DIY project left her face in a state of permanent disfigurement.


Believe it or not, the person on the right is actually a man named Genesis P-Orridge. The woman to the left is his wife. While it’s not entirely clear why he wants to look exactly like her. Maybe he loves her so much, he wants to be her? One way or another, this just seems really creepy.


This is Jocelyn Wildenstein who is nicknamed “Cat Woman.” She has spent a truckload of money on plastic surgery to look more and more like a cat. It’s hard to tell if it is working that well. She doesn’t appear to have any whiskers yet and its hard to tell whether her ears resemble a cat’s.


This may be the most fascinating story of all. Valeria Lukyanova is known as the human barbie. She is actually a Ukrainian model who has gone to great extents to mold her body into the perfect doll-like porportions.


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Many accuse Lukyanova of photoshopping some of her pictures to thin her waistline, but the model says it is her “air diet.”

“In recent weeks I have not been hungry at all,” the human Barbie told the International Business Times. “I’m hoping it’s the final stage before I can subsist on air and light alone.”

To make things even weirder, she claims to be part of a cult-like sect that follows a philosophy called “breatherism.” Breaterists alledgedly advocate for living without food and water and eat something they call “cosmic micro food” instead.

What do you think about all these surgeries? Would you say that these people are just unique or have a serious problem?


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