VIDEO: Female Skydiving Sex Fiend Speaks Out

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Last week we reported about a certain skydiving duo that hopped out of a plane and had sex as they plummeted toward the earth.  It seems that a few facts initially reported weren’t quite accurate and the female counterpart of the controversial incident has taken to speaking out in effort of clearing a few things up.

Speaking about the incident, the woman named Hope Howell, spoke with 23ABC to get a few things ironed out.  Describing the actual incident, she relayed to reporters, “It was crazy. It was fun.”  She expressed that everything went according to plan and, “I am happy I did it. I wouldn’t change it for the world, and it did get the attention of Howard Stern — our whole goal in general.”

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Wanting to dispute a claim earlier reported, even by Mr. Conservative, Howell mentioned that her boss did actually know what was going on at the time.  Giving her side of the story, she noted, “Our boss was there. Everything was approved. We did plan it out.”

Since that time however, Howell has claimed that the couple’s decision has resulted in her termination. “I got a phone call saying I was fired, and I feel like that was a stab in my back,” Howell said.

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Sharing her continued enthusiasm regarding the ill advised stunt, she expresses that the tape is real, and that no one involved was high or drunk.  She also added, “Knowing that you are doing something wild and crazy makes it so much better.”


Although the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has since stated that having sex on a plane is not legal, the pilot still could be in hot water.  An FAA spokesman further described that, “if the pilot allows any activity that could be a distraction, he could be in trouble.”

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Expressing that was not, in fact, the case, Howell insisted, “(I) never touched him. He is an amazing pilot. He is a great jump pilot. It’s not his first rodeo.”

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