Sheriff: Obama’s “Unconstitutional” Gun Laws Will Not Be Enforced

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Linn County Sheriff Tim Mueller said that he won’t be enforcing any federal regulations that Obama happens to try to pass through Congress.

He’s amongst many other law enforcement officials in the nation that have also said they will square off with the White House should it pass anything they deem to be unconstitutional.

Mueller holds the position that federal gun control laws are “offending the constitutional rights of my citizens,” and therefore he doesn’t feel an obligation to enforce them.

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Back in January he had posted a letter to the department’s Facebook page that was almost instantly a hit and got nearly 100,000 likes and shares in no time at all, showing the support that many Americans have for rebellious sheriffs who stand in support of our Second Amendment.

He was joined by Sheriff Danny Peyman from Jackson County, Kentucky who also refused to comply with anything handed down by the administration. During a town hall meeting not too long ago he reminded residents that the sheriff has more authority than the federal government.

“They need to go back and study that. We are a commonwealth. I can ask federal people to leave, they have to leave. I can ask state people to leave, they have to leave,” he said.

Back in Linn County, the Sheriff’s stance has gotten a great reaction from the local residents, which surprised Mueller.

“Sheriff Tim Mueller is humbled and amazed at the support people near and far have expressed to his letter. Thank you!” said a post on the department’s Facebook page.

His post was met with enthusiasm from people within the area. Jill Leiser Crowley of Eugene commented with the same sentiments many people across the nation feel.

“Thank you for standing up for our Constitutional Rights!!!” it said. “You are doing the right thing for the people of Linn County – I can only hope other counties will follow!!!”

With the latest shooting in Fort Hood we can more than likely expect another showdown on gun control and we’ll be fortunate to have people like Mueller and Peyman on our side.

Are you happy to see Sheriff’s stand up for our rights? Let us know with a comment!

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