Unsuspecting Victims Get The Scare Of Their Lives

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There are many that believe in the paranormal and a prankster show in Brazil decided to play on that concept.  After being placed in an elevator, unsuspecting victims were subject to technical malfunctions followed by an eerie ghost-child entering the elevator with them.

Let the hilarity ensue – for us that is.

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Several people are seen entering the elevator completely unaware of what they are about to experience. As the elevator begins its track upward, several people are seen examining themselves in the mirrors.  Unfortunately for them, they are one way mirrors so the pranksters can record the reaction of what they are about to experience.

It isn’t long before the lights begin to flicker causing some concern on the passenger’s part, until eventually, the lights go out completely.  Panicked, all those on the elevator are seen going to the control panel in an effort to call out for help.

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Before they get too far though, the lights miraculously switch back on.  To their shock however, the elevator isn’t exactly the same since the last time they were able to see.  During the blackout, a girl in makeup with messy hair and a creepy doll snuck her way into the elevator through a removable panel.

Needless to say the guests were a little more than shocked to see that they had a new passenger riding along with them.  Some resorted to covering their faces as if that would make the ghost simply disappear, while others however were reduced to tears of utter fear.


As screams rang throughout the elevator, the lights soon went out again allowing the “ghost” to make her departure.  Coming back a few more times to evoke even more fear of her teleportation abilities, the ghost would also let out a frightening shriek as well to add to the effect.

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The last guest however got special treatment as the elevator doors were allowed to open.  As soon as he could possibly squeeze through, he ran for his life, out of the building.  The ghost however, followed to continue the man’s horror screaming behind him the entire time.

As funny as it was for us to watch, I imagine being in that elevator wouldn’t have been too settling.  Let us know how you would have reacted in that instance and what you thought of the prank in a comment below.

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