Texas Woman Traps A Chupacabra

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Jackie Stock of Ratcliffe, Texas says that she has been able to capture the legendary creature called a Chupacabra.

Much like Bigfoot, the Chupacabra has eluded capture and sightings for years, and only in rare instances are they able to be photographed.

Stock told ABC7 News that she caught an animal with a “hairless back, large claws and countless teeth,” which fits the description of the mythical beast that drinks the blood of other animals.

Wildlife experts believe it to be some sort of wild dog like a coyote with mange, however the animal in the video seems to be more like a marsupial with large back legs and human-like hands, even though its teeth are very similar to a dog’s.

So do you think it’s the legendary Chupacabra? If not, then what do you think it is? Let us know with a comment!

(Below are some images of a Chupacabra that was shot and killed some time ago)

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