Chicago Gun Crimes Plummet After Illinois Enacts Conceal-Carry Law

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Our anti-gun pals aren’t too happy after the first quarter statistics have been released from Chicago showing that gun related crimes are the lowest they’ve been since 1958.  Since allowing for resident’s to obtain a concealed carry permit, crimes miraculously started to become less frequent.

Of course, this may all just be coincidence as allowing for concealed carry weapon’s (CCW) only began in January – and when we say began, we meant they started accepting permit applications in January.  Although the applications came flooding in by the masses, at this point in time, it is unclear how many people, if any, actually are walking around the streets legally packing heat.

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According to an ABC affiliate:

“The first three months of the year saw 6 fewer murders than the same time frame in 2013–a 9 percent drop–and 55 fewer murders than 2012, according to a statement from Chicago Police.

There were 90 fewer shootings and 119 fewer shooting victims, drops of 26 and 29 percent respectively, according to police statistics.

Compared to the first quarter of 2012, there have been 222 fewer shootings and 292 fewer shooting victims. Overall crime is down 25 percent from last year, and police said more than 1,300 illegal guns were recovered in the last three months.”

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Although Gary McCarthy, the Chicago police superintendent, remains adamant that, “The answer to gun violence is not more guns, it’s less guns,” it’s hard to see how he came to this conclusion.  Perhaps he should have put the world illegal precluding each time he said the word, “guns,” but who knows?

There are no clear and concise stats as this point as the allowance of concealed-carry weapons are so new, only time will tell.  One thing is clear however, if given the choice between being able to defend your family or not, most people would choose the former.


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Finally allowing CCW’s is a huge step in the right direction for Illinois as officials have literally let crime run amok in Chicago.  Proving that fewer guns contribute to the highest crime rates in the nation, it remains unclear why it took so long for officials to realize this fact.

What do you think – could this be coincidence, or should Chicago officials expect a continued drop in crime as a result of allowing CCW’s? Let us know your answer in a comment below.

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