PC Brigade Now Trying To Censor College Professors And Students

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In an offensive new effort, it seems that the Liberal PC (political correctness) brigade is making an attempt to further dissolve our First Amendment rights.  Seeking to place “trigger warnings” on course material and classroom discussions, the proposed actions appear to be nothing more than another step in the long-term process of silencing the American people.

“Trigger Warnings” are usually placed on online articles of some nature, whether news or blog, in an effort to warn certain folk that the material may offend.  Take, for instance, the example The Daily Caller gave when they wrote, “An article about sexual violence, for instance, might come with a trigger warning for rape victims.”

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Now, the left is aiming to put an end to free speech for college professors – a tool necessary to properly educate the future leaders of the world.

A professor of psychology at Middlebury College, Laurie Essig, wrote, “Some students and professors argue that nearly everything should come with a trigger warning.  Mrs. Dalloway? Trigger warning: suicidal tendencies. The Great Gatsby? Trigger warning: suicide, domestic abuse, graphic violence. Think I’m making this up? I’m not.”

Although most red-blooded Americans would view something like this as a direct violation to our First Amendment rights, our Liberal friends would have you think otherwise.  According to them, censorship is a simple necessity in a future America where tolerance is the golden rule.

Essig gave a shining example of just that by sharing when a Rutgers University student said, “by creating trigger warnings for their students, professors can help to create a safe space for their students — one that fosters positive and compassionate intellectual discussion within the collegiate classroom.”

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Some colleges are doing their best to make this censorship a reality.  The highly Liberal University of California’s student government has recently passed a resolution that suggests trigger warnings be set in place and is required of ever professor.

The student responsible for the anti-Constitutional proposal, Bailey Loverin, explained the reasoning behind her idea by saying, “This is not meant to censor … but it really just asks that professors and other people on campus acknowledge the effects of triggering content on students with PTSD.” Isn’t that just so nice of them?

Essentially what is going on here is that the college is seeking to put an end to the pain of the few by hurting the majority.  College students and professors need the freedom of speech, not only now, but later as well.

Training tomorrow’s leaders that we must veil our own feelings and contour them to that of the greater good, only breeds a generation of sheep, or “yes men.”  The Nation’s Michelle Goldberg explained just that and how she has watched Liberalism evolve into what it is today by saying:

“Perhaps every political generation is fated to be appalled by the one that succeeds it. In the 1960s, longtime socialist intellectuals were horrified by the anarchic energies of the new left. Then some of those new leftists reached middle age and watched, aghast, as new speech codes proliferated on college campuses during the first iteration of political correctness. I was in college then and am now in my thirties, which means it’s my turn to be dismayed by a growing left-wing tendency towards censoriousness and hair-trigger offense.”

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TNR’s Jenny Jarvie shared similar reckonings, explaining, “Bending the world to accommodate our personal frailties does not help us overcome them.”

Should we really be shushed in the name of tolerance?  Will you allow them to silence you in the end? Let us know what you think of this in a comment below.

(h/t: The Daily Caller)

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