VIDEO: Rookie Cop DESTROYED By Citizen On Open Carry Gun Laws

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Another Michigan man was recently harassed by another “over step your bounds” police officer and was able to get it all on tape.  This time however, the citizen actually took the rookie cop to school before being allowed to go on his way.

Although the man was most certainly flaunting his Second Amendment rights in an attempt to draw police attention, the man did nothing wrong.  Walking down the sidewalk with two firearms in plain view, it wasn’t long before police responded to several 911 calls.

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Asking if he was being detained, the approaching office soon told him he was not, to which the gun rights advocate said, ok, turned and began to walk away.  Stopped by the officer one more time, the man reiterated his question by asking if he was being detained, this time receiving a yes by the officer.


Going for the second illegal stretch beyond his legal means, the officer then asked the man for his ID to which the man responded that he was not obligated to oblige the officer as per Michigan state law.  The officer at this point was becoming visibly upset and demanded the man put down his camera.

Once again informing the officer that he will not be bullied out of yet another one of his rights, he claimed that the camera was on for his protection and had every right to record. In an attempt to intimidate the man into allowing the officer to trample on his rights, he suggested that they go in front of his cruiser where his dash cam was already rolling.

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Following the officer’s requests, he goes in front of the car, but does not flip off the camera.  Soon after, another, older and perhaps more experienced, police officer shows up and releases the man.  The frustrated younger cop is then seen sulking back to his cruiser after being defeated.

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