Police Officer Warrantlessly Enters House And Arrest Man

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A video is beginning to gain a bit of traction after the events caught on tape seem to dictate another officer’s abuse of power.  Seen entering a house before having a warrant, a policeman is seen slapping the cuffs on a young man for no apparent reason.

The video kicks on as a police officer has his foot in the door keeping it from being shut in his face while saying that the man is under arrest.  When the man in question, 26-year-old Donrell Breaux, responds by asking, “for what,” the officer gets visibly more agitated.

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The officer, whose name is unknown at this time, then proceeds to push his way into the man’s house while following him into the living room.  From there, Breaux sits on the couch asking the officer what he is being charged with.

The cameraman in tow, echoes the question demanding to know what they are arresting his friend with, to which the officer replies, “Get out of here, I’m not talking to you.”  The man behind the camera then states, “This is my house though.”


As the officer redirects his attention back to Breaux, he slaps one cuff on the man and then attempts to forcefully get him flopped over and fully cuffed – a task which proves too difficult for the heavily breathing officer.

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Making up charges now the officer states, “You’re under arrest for resisting an officer,” without answering what he was being arrested for in the first place.  Looking at his friend, Breaux, being harassed by the officer, asks, “Son, he’s trying to take me to jail for what?….I am scared son, I am scared.”

Once again reiterating his confusion, he inquires, “I’m asking you nicely, why are you doing this sir.”  The officer is then moving into a more erect position and reaching for his belt.  Thinking the policeman was reaching for his gun, the panicked man starts shouting, “Do not shoot me, please don’t shoot me, what are you reaching for, please don’t shoot me sir.”

Out of fear that the officer was going to take even more drastic and illegal matters, Breaux conveys, “I’m f**king scared right now, I’ll do whatever you ask me.”

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Breaux later relayed to reporters, after being asked why police were there in the first place, “I think one of the neighbors called them because we was cussing and cutting up on the porch.”  He was formally arrested for and has been charged with the, “battery of a police officer, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace.”

At this time, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office spokesperson explained that the video is being investigated and that they are currently conducting an internal review.  What do you think – did the officer have a right to act in the way he did? Let us know in a comment below.

(h/t: Infowars)

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