BREAKING: Photos Released With Ft. Hood Shooter’s Back Story

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Photo’s of the man responsible for yesterday’s Fort Hood attacks have recently been released as details continue to come forward regarding the man’s past.  The 34-year-old shooter’s name was Ivan Lopez, and was a member of the National Guard since 1999.

Although reports continue to funnel in regarding Lopez’s past as well as the reasons he acted in such a way it appears that the matter comes down to something quite simple.  One of Lopez’s close friends told a local newspaper that Lopez seemed upset during their last conversation, just two days prior to the attack.

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The friend relayed that it, “Seems that he had been robbed or something.”

Come to find out, Lopez was quite upset after being denied leave to bury his mother. Puerto Rican newspapers have since stated that the issue was allowed to “fester” for quite some time as Lopez’s mother, Carmen Lopez, died back in October from a massive heart attack.

This wasn’t the only thing to push Lopez over the edge however as details claim that he was currently being evaluated for PTSD.  Although he served in the National Guard, Lopez completed a four month tour over in Iraq 2011.


Base commander Lt General Mark Milley when addressing the public stated that Lopez, “was not wounded in action, to our records, no Purple Heart, not wounded in action in that regard.”  He was however undergoing treatment for ailments he felt were caused by his tour.

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According to medical reports, Lopez was suffering from, and being treated for anxiety and depression with a drug called Ambien. It comes into question what doctors were thinking as just one portion of the label for the drug reads, “Report any new or worsening symptoms to your doctor, such as: depression, anxiety, aggression, agitation, confusion, unusual thoughts, hallucinations, memory problems, changes in personality, risk-taking behavior, decreased inhibitions, no fear of danger, or thoughts of suicide or hurting yourself.”


During the intial investigation into the matter, Army Secretary McHugh explained that, “The doctor did not formally diagnose him with any conditions, but ruled that he did not show any violent or suicidal tendencies that were any reason for immediate concern.”  He furthermore mentioned, “We’re going to keep an open mind…Possible extremist involvement is still being looked at very, very carefully.”

Lopez began his assault at 4:00 pm yesterday where he entered the Medical portion of Ft. Hood and began open firing with his .45 semi-automatic handgun.  From there, he exited the building, made his way through the parking lot and got into a car.


Once driving, Lopez was said to continue firing from inside his car.  As he was approached by a female base police officer, Lopez raised his weapon and took his own life.

Milley also noted, “Obviously we are digging deep into his background, criminal history.” He later added that at this point, there is, “no indication this is related to terrorism.”

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Take a peek of the few pictures released of the gunman below:












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