Ted Nugent: Trayvon Martin Was A “Dope-Smoking, Dope-Peddling, Gangsta Wannabe”

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Ted Nugent recently wrote a column calling Trayon Martin a “dope smoking, racist wannabe.” As you can imagine, that choice of words ruffled quite a few feathers. Just one day later, he had more to dish out.

As Mediaite reports, yesterday Nugent called Martin an “enraged black man-child” and a “Skittles hoodie boy.”

Musician and gun-enthusiast Nugent has been very vocal about the damage he believes has been done to the family of George Zimmerman after his acquittal for shooting and murdering teen Trayvon Martin. Nugent thinks this damage is all thanks to the “race-baiting industry,” led by the likes of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and the NAACP.

Here is a part of his Tuesday column:

[A]ll thinking people are very relieved that George Zimmerman was found not guilty by the intelligent, justice-driven women of the jury, in spite of the façade presented by the prosecution and forced by the threat of racism by everyone from President Obama, to Eric Holder, the New Black Panther gangstas, NAACP, excuse makers of every stripe and even the governor of Florida, but still this innocent man who simply defended his life from a violent, life-threatening, bloodying, head-and-face slamming attack by an enraged black man-child has so wrongly paid an inexplicable price financially and emotionally.

But George Zimmerman and his entire family, innocent of any wrongdoing, have lost everything and will be in debt for a long, long time for having to fight the trumped-up charges that he ‘profiled’ and/or set out to murder the poor, helpless, dope-smoking, dope-peddling, gangsta wannabe, Skittles hoodie boy.

“Dope-smoking, dope-peddling, gangsta wannabe, Skittles hoodie boy.” Ouch. Ted Nugent will no doubt get backlash from the liberal media for these statements, but the musician doesn’t seem to care. In fact, it only seems to make him louder!

Do you agree with Nugent’s controversial statements, or is this all just “race baiting?” Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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